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Unfortunately burglary is becoming more and more common, but you may not take it very seriously until it happens to you.

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of security tips to help you secure your home or business and reduce the opportunity for would be burglars.

Don’t become a victim before you decide to take action, securing your home or workplace is easier than you think with these simple and helpful tips…

  • Install a peep hole so you can be aware of who is at your door.
  • Secure all external doors to your home with deadlocks and ensure all doors are solid core doors.
  • Lock windows with key operated window locks, including windows on upper levels. Don’t think just because you’re not on the ground floor that you are safe!
  • Synchronise door locks: install the same key-operated lock system on all doors to ensure locking up is quick and easy.
  • Install a safe for valuables (jewellery, cheques, cash).
  • Make sure the gates to your home or business are secured with bolt cutter resistant chains and padlocks.
  • Install sensor spotlights on the entrance to your home or business.
  • Ensure you lock all doors and windows prior to leaving the premises.
  • Ensure you lock side gates, garden sheds and garage or carpark entrances.
  • Do not hide keys in obvious locations, i.e. under a mat, under a flowerpot, on a ledge.
  • Get a guard dog. Even if you do not own a dog consider hanging a “beware of dog” sign to deter would-be prowlers.
  • Lock your meter box to prevent thieves interfering with your power supply.
  • If the premises is going to be vacant for some time, consider getting a neighbour or friend to collect the mail, switch on lights and if it is for an extended period of time mow the lawn to look like someone is home.